Stream Deck

Use the API to show the most recent result on your Stream Deck.

Shoutout to MartynKeigher on GitHub for providing these instructions.

Required Plugin

Download the "API Ninja" plugin from the Elgato Marketplace.

Configure the Buttons

  1. Under the "BarRadier" plugin select "API Ninja" and drag it to an empty slot.

  2. Request type should be set to GET.

  3. API URL should be set to your application's app url and append /api/speedtest/latest.

  4. Set the Content Type to application/json.

  5. Set the Response Shown to for download and data.upload for upload.

  6. Check Parse/Format 'Response shown'.

  7. Set the Format to {0:N0}.

  8. Optionally you can add a Title Suffix: \n(Mbps)

  9. Set the Response Type to Text.

  10. Set Autorun every option to a refresh interval of your choice.

  11. Optionally you can hide green success indicator.

  12. Lastly duplicate the button and change the Response Shown to

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