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I get a warning on container start up that the APP_KEY is missing

As of v0.12.0 the app key is generated on start-up and it is OK to ignore this warning. To set a persisted key follow the steps below

  1. Open the CLI of the Speedtest Docker container

  2. Run php artisan key:generate --show

  3. Add the generated string to your environment variables attached to APP_KEY=generatedstringgoeshere

  4. Restart the container



Speedtest server

Q: Why do only some servers have the server name in the list?

By default Ookla's CLI only returns the "closest" 20 servers. If the server you've selected isn't in that list Speedtest Tracker can label it.

Time zones

How do I set the display and schedule time zone?

Your local time can be set in the UI under Settings -> General -> Time zone.

My display timestamps or scheduled tests aren't correct.

Speedtest Tracker assumes your application and database containers are set to UTC by default.

If your database instance runs with a local time zone set it needs to match that set in Time zone and Database has time zone needs to be enabled for the offset to be correctly displayed.


Cron schedule "from" a minute or hour

Starting your cron schedule from a minute our hour can help avoid congestion on the network or a speedtest server. This comment on the issue can help you get the formatting right.

I'm getting a 500 | SERVER ERROR error

By default APP_DEBUG is set to false in production to prevent verbose error outputs. To debug the issue follow the steps below.

  1. Set APP_DEBUG=true as a environment variable

  2. Restart the container

  3. Reproduce the error by visiting the page or performing the action that caused the error

  4. View the output in the UI or in the logs to help resolve the issue, if you can not resolve it open an issue in the GitHub repository

  5. In the output the line that starts with [timestamp] production.ERROR: is the error the server ran into

  6. Once the issue is resolved you can remove the APP_DEBUG environment variable

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