Commands offer additional functionality like providing debug information and performing maintenance tasks.

Commands are intended to be run from within the CLI of the container and from the application's root directory.

  • In my build the root directory is located at: /var/www/html

  • In LinuxServer's build the root directory is located at: /app/www

When using the commands below they should be prefixed with php artisan, so the about command will look like php artisan about.

Core commands

Core commands exist at the framework level and might be extended to provide additional functionality.



Provides information on the current version of Speedtest Tracker, Laravel and Filament.

Application commands

Application commands are built to extend Speedtest Tracker's functionality from the CLI.



Installs a fresh version of Speedtest Tracker. If you have an existing install this will delete all data.


Can be used to reset a user's password.


Can be used to change a user's role.

Maintenance commands

Maintenance commands help fix issues that might crop up over time.



Reviews the data payload of each result and corrects the status attribute based on Ookla's CLI response.


Use to update General Settings from the CLI in case of an application error on that page.

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