A Docker image to check your internet speed using Ookla's Speedtest service. Build using Laravel and the Speedtest CLI.
These docs are up-to-date for version: v0.12.1


Speedtest Tracker is a self-hosted internet performance tracking application that runs speedtest checks against Ookla's Speedtest service.

Why might I want this?

The main use case for Speedtest Tracker is to build a history of your internet's performance so that you can be informed when you're not receiving your ISP's advertised rates.
...also some of us just like a lot of data.

What about that other Speedtest Tracker?

As far as I can tell was abandoned. This version is meant to be an actively maintained replacement with an improved UI and feature set.

Do you have a demo?

No, but DB Tech and Awesome Opens Source over on YouTube have awesome videos showing you how to get Speedtest Tracker up and running with and a quick demo.
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