Using Synology

These instructions will run you through setting up the application on a Synology NAS.

The following directions are for the old "Docker" application, if you're using "Container Manager" you can follow the docker compose instructions in Using Docker or Docker Compose.

Install on a Synology NAS

Open the Docker interface of your Synology Device, search for ajustesen/speedtest-tracker in the Registry and download it.

Create a local directory (i.e. /volume1/docker/speedtest-tracker) which later can be mapped to the docker container.

Launch the image once the download is completed.

Map the ports to available ports.

Make sure the ports you choose are not used by any other application or DSM service on your device and remember to adjust the Synology Firewall settings accordingly.

Map the directory you created earlier to the mount path /config.

Review your settings and click "done".

You can now access Speedtest-Tracker via http://YOUR_IP_ADDRESS:8080 or https://YOUR_IP_ADDRESS:8443.

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